Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fry's Extras (MORE FREE STUFF)

Last year I finally signed up for the Sun's VIP rewards and then this year the D-backs rewards. WOW has this paid off. It is FREE to sign up and all you do is buy items that have the tag, and the points start to add up. Last year for the Sun's rewards my husband and I went to a Suns game. We also got 3 old school metal lunch boxes, and I got the COOLEST kids pack. It included 2 Nash jersey’s, two backpacks, two sets of sweatbands (head and wrist), and two hats. My boys are set for this season. Well for the D-backs I want to go BIG! There were tickets to a game for the pool! It was 1000 points, but I knew I could do it. (Also as a side note they take the total for points before coupons!) So in Sept. I was able to take my boys and hubby to a game in style in the pool. They had food and towels for us. I totally did not expect that!! Well I had almost another 200 points and the promo is almost over so I was able to get my hubby a new D-back hat with my points. I have gotten so much for buying food and items that I do anyways. I really recommend signing up for these extras. The Sun's program should be starting again soon. The D-backs is I think over you just have to redeem your points now. Just keep an eye out for these fun extras!

Here is a picture of what each of my boys got! The jersey's were so NICE!! The backpack was good quality too!!

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